License offer: Protection box, Carry bag and Terminal board
for Tablet-PC and Smartphones – DE GM 20 2017 000 222
Mobile phone - Protective box integrated in clothing – DE GM 20 2017 002 158

We offer you two additional solutions for Tablets and Smartphones that are registered as utility models with German Patent and Trademark office. The STK-Box invented by us is a single unit consisting of a protective case, carry bag and terminal board for Tablet-PC´s and Smartphones. In a second model, the protective box can be directly integrated in the garment like work jacket or in the sportswear.

Wearable Technologie / Solutions

While working, the display can be brought to a convenient position for reading or operating with the help of a handle.

Similarly, by folding it up, it quickly and easily turns into a robust protective box that can be used outdoors or in the rugged surroundings. Plastic and metal designs open up different target groups. Our solution enables hands-free operation, working and thus offers more comfort and mobility. For example, it offers more safety while working at the construction sites.

The Tablet-PC or the Smartphone is completely protected from falling down, dirt and damages.

Simply close it and put it in and everything is again stored safely by protecting it from dirt and impact. The model can be comfortably placed and carried in a pocket of the garment as shoulder bag or on a belt holder. It is an ergonomic solution for hands-free working on the construction sites, scaffolding, in the workshop, while playing and anywhere while traveling.

Health: The protective box protects from mobile phone radiations.

The STK-Box drastically facilitates and accelerates the mobile work while on the job as well as surfing in the Internet while traveling. Thus, new markets and sales opportunities shall develop for the usage of mobile devices in many industries and fields.

We offer our product to you for worldwide marketing and thank you for your interest.

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Tablet Tasche
Tasche Tablet
Schutztasche Tablet

Wearable Smartphone and Tablet Holder

Baustelle Tablet Tasche
Bolsa de obra
Bolsa de obra
Borsa da cantiere
Bouwplaats tas
Byggeplads taske
Construction site bag
Építési telek táska
Sac de chantier
Sumka dlya stroyploshchadki
Taška na staveništi
Tsánta ergotaxíou